Do you see you things in the world you want to change? Do you come up with new ideas but give up on them? Do you want to do something but don’t know how to make it happen?

Mini Mashup is designed to get you started,  and find people to help you along the way.

- What is Mini Mashup?

It is day long workshop to help you come up with ideas for projects by exploring your passions and identifying problems in your community. It gives you a method to come up with problems worth solving, that you can then develop at Mashup or as part of a school or community group project.

- So how does Mini Mashup work?

1- First you will start exploring what you are passionate about. The chances are you spend more time on things that make you happy. A key to a successful project is doing something that works with what makes you happy.

Mini Mashup will help you find the way to connect your passion and project

      Tip #1 Don’t worry if you find it hard to name your passions or dreams: at Mini Mashup you first start by doing some exploring around those things so that you can be more clear of what they are for you

      Tip #2 You already have an idea for a project? Great, you will find out why it is a great project idea and what challenges it presents. And it is totally ok to come to Mini Mashup if you don’t have an idea: Mini Maship is an ‘Ideation’ workshop! That’s the right place to be if you are ready to do something new, even if you don’t know what it is yet!

2- Then you will identify problems and opportunities in your community that you can address with your project. Basically Mini Mashup walks you through a way to start describing and doing something about situations you would like to see improved for someone you know or for your own life.

     Tip #3 There is ample opportunities to work as a team as well as help you discover what your personal strengths are.

     Tip #4 You'll experience what is required to build a team, as you can do way more than you can on your own!

Are you curious about this? Keen to do something different and see its potential? Well, come along to a Mini Mashup workshop!

The next Mini Mashup is on 3rd March 2018, 9:30am - 3:00pm at Basestation 148 Durham Street Tauranga. It is free to attend. Hit the big blue button below to secure your spot!

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