Are you:

- part of a YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) team wanting to break even faster?
- part of a Mashup team wanting to continue working on your concept and take it to market soon?

Then Mentor Mash is for you! Choose either of the following options to be paired with a business mentor from our local community or... do both!

  1. Virtual Mash: Submit a video and the Venture Centre team matches you to a mentor who has the skills and knowledge you need.

    Create a (strictly) 2 minute video explaining:
    • what problem you are solving
    • who for
    • a short description of your solution
    • how you are going to make money
    • who you are and how to contact you

    Upload your video to YouTube and post it in your message to the team here
    Virtual Mash is available throughout the school year, but it is recommended you seek mentoring support early for best results.

  2. Face to Face Mash : a two hour event that invites young entrepreneurs seeking advice to connect with mentors.

    Mentors are people who want to help, are interested in startups and have validated experience.

    After a brief introduction each participant will rotate through mentors.

    Entrepreneurs should come to the event with a prepared summary of their company, innovative product, idea, or problem (eg: a dropsheet, business cards, transcript of your video)
    You should have defined the areas of where the mentors can help (customer validation, digital marketing, raising funds,  product development, finance, etc).

    Participants will spend 8-10 minutes with each mentor before rotating to the next.

    By the end of the event, participants would have had the opportunity to gather diverse ideas, perspectives, and advice on their business.
    The videos you sent earlier are shared with mentors, and some introductions with some teams have been made.
    You will have the opportunity to discuss more ongoing mentoring with the mentors present at the event.

The next Mentor Mash - Face to Face Mash will be on:
Thursday May 3rd 2018
3:45pm - 5:45pm

Go register now!