What is MashUp?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend Mashup as an individual participant? 
Unfortunately not, but don’t let that stop you! 
Mashup is a team event, and participants are required to register as a team. This is because most successful businesses and projects are usually associated with a successful team!  So, if you do not have a team yet, it just means that you need to get one together! The more diverse your team, the better.  Ask your family, friends, fellow students, neighbours or others to join you in your Mashup adventure!

Does my team need to have an idea for a business or project before we start Mashup?
You at least need to at least have a general idea of what you would like to focus on as a team before you arrive to take part in the Mashup event.  It is recommended that you spend some time with your team before Mashup to discuss what you are passionate about, what problem and challenge your team might be interested in solving, and to form a general idea of how you might solve those problem.  Remember, it does not need to be perfect. A general idea if a great start! A great place to start thinking of an idea is the Mashup Blog!

Do I need to be interested in business to be part of Mashup?
Definitely NOT!  
No matter what your field of interest or career direction is, Mashup offers methods and skills that are useful and often critical to your success.  What you learn at Mashup will help create a foundation that you will continue to use and build on for many years to come.

Will there be food?
You bet!  
Mashup requires lots of thinking, and thinking requires food! Snacks and lunch will be provided throughout the event with dinner included on the Sunday. 

Do I need an adult to accompany my team to Mashup (i.e. teacher, parent etc.)?
An adult is required to be a contact point for each team to ensure good communication with parents and caregivers when necessary.  However, Mashup teams may attend on their own. For some teams which represent schools or community organisations, it is understood that teachers or adult leaders may wish to attend with their team.  If this is the case, please contact the Mashup team directly to let them know at info[at]venturecentre[dot]co[dot]nz