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Do I need technical skills to start a business?

Practically every business needs tech in one way or another!

What type of tech? It could be at a minimum a website, an app or social media pages, as everything we do in the 21st century involves some form of technology.

But, do you need technology skills to start a business from an idea you have? Let's look a little closer!

Every website, app, electrical device and even modern cars have programming built in. Technology is great for business as it allows for things to be done faster, better and cheaper. In today's world it's essential for every business to use technology to be more competitive and get to customers. 

What type of technology might you need?

Here is an example: you could start buying and selling shoes right away and start your own brand. The question is, without technology, would you survive? How would you sell the shoes? You may need an online shop. How would you engage with your customers? This may require mailing lists and social media accounts. How would you track and record your orders? Here you need a database and a system to let you see what is happening to the stock... And that is only a few aspects of a what is needed for a 'non-tech business...

Or let's say you wanted to develop a mobile app:  not possible without technology! But you don't necessarily need to be the person who has the technology skills.  You might not need to know how to code to start a tech company but at the very least you will need to be able to convince someone who can to work with you to develop it!  And along the way, you will need to search for the right technology tools to support your idea developing into a business, and you and your team will learn to use it. Take a look at this graphic: 

This graphic shows the different things needed when starting a new technology project. The middle part represents the project leader. This person manages the project by setting deadlines, setting goals and making sure everyone knows where they stand. The business section is responsible for the marketing, financial and sales side of the business. The technology section is where things get built. The UX is the user experience where the design of the application is done. Have you ever seen a popular website with awful design? Never. Not in today's world. 

Got you thinking?

So to starting a business you don't need to have technical skills but you need to know what your role is in the project. If you are a marketing minded person, you would be the perfect fit for the business section. If you can manage people and time quite well and have good organizational skills, you would make a great project leader. If you have technical skills then great, you can fulfill the technical section. 

What next?

Mashup is designed to encourage you to form a team which offers a balance of skills. After all, the aim for the Mashup Weekend is to 'MASH' technology and business together to create a great team that can start and build a real business. So grab friends doing a range of subjects around you and sign up for Mashup!

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