Tuesday, 05 June 2018 12:27

Mashup Idea Inspiration: A Vibrant Region

The Bay of Plenty is more popular than ever and while this can be great for the economy, a lot of problems are arising as well...

From increasing traffic congestion to exceptionally high housing prices, the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga especially is struggling to manage the sudden increase in population.

That’s where Mashup comes in! Finding solutions that benefit and allow the local region to prosper is an important part of Mashup and we encourage all Mashers to consider ways we can:

- Improve the regional transport and lower congestion.
- Deliver a safe and reliable public transport system.
- Manage the sudden increase in Bay of Plenty’s popular through growth management strategies (especially for sustainable urban management).
- Find a way to connect everyone to create a vibrant region and economy.

So, if you’re lacking inspiration, consider this as a starting point for how you can come up with an idea that can both impact and allow our region to thrive. And if you have yet to sign up for this free event, make sure you and your team register for Mashup here

Mashup is about empowering the next generation to start up impactful ideas that they’re passionate about so that youth can realize just how big of a role they can play in making positive change. This is a free community event run by Venture Centre as part of the MADVentures programmes and is supported and sponsored by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council

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