Monday, 28 May 2018 10:51

Mashup Idea Inspiration: BOP Safe & Resilient Communities

Bay of Plenty has had a fortunate history of very few natural disasters. However, this does not mean that this region is invincible.

Even now, there are many natural disasters such as tsunamis, landslides, and volcanic activity that could occur in the Bay of Plenty (explore this link to see a geospatial view on natural hazards that impact the Bay of Plenty region.)

And if a natural disaster were to happen, can we really say that the Bay of Plenty is prepared? We are not like Christchurch who have built a resilient community. Instead, many are unaware that there is even a possibility of a natural disaster occurring in the Bay of Plenty.

That’s where Mashup comes in! Finding solutions that benefit and keep the local region safe are an important part of Mashup and we encourage all Mashers to consider ways we can:

- Teach others about natural hazard risks and climate change impacts.
- Support community safety through flood protection and navigation safety.
- Enable communities to respond and recover from an emergency efficiently and effectively.
- Work with communities and others to consider long term views of natural hazard risks.

So, if you’re lacking inspiration, consider this as a starting point for how you can come up with an idea that can both impact and protect our region's residents against the natural hazards that are a real risk to us. And if you have yet to sign up for this free event, make sure you and your team register for Mashup here.

Mashup is about empowering the next generation to start up impactful ideas that they’re passionate about so that youth can realize just how big of a role they can play in making positive change. This is a free community event run by Venture Centre as part of the MADVentures programmes and is supported and sponsored by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council

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