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How do I start a business? I have a great business idea!

OK, hold up a minute. Before we get stuck into your great idea. Let’s just get something straight. YOU ROCK! Go you, you're awesome. 

You're awesome because you've just become an independent thinker and by clicking on this post you have taken the first step towards making a difference. Having a business idea can be great but it can also be very frustrating. It can keep you awake at night but can also drive you out of bed in the morning. There are several ways in which you can start a business. There's no good or bad way because many different ways have worked in the past. However, based on lots and lots of research from people who have successfully started businesses in the past, we can look at some of the best tips out there to get your idea off the ground. It's not surprising that we see a trend with successful business people and they all have pretty much the same advice to offer. This is how it goes...

Start With The Problem

Understanding the problem you are trying to solve is the foundation for your entire business. Too many people jump past this step and build something that doesn't actually solve a problem for anyone. Don't fall into the trap and build something that people don't need. A great idea is only great if it solves a problem. How do you find if it solves a problem? You talk to your customers!

Talk To Customers

Just try to talk to as many people as possible about the idea you have. Listen to what problem they have. Talk to someone right now. Just say "hey, I've got this great idea..." You will be amazed at what you could learn by listening to other people. A crucial part of starting a business is finding who your customers might be. Talking to customers will shape how your idea should be developed and delivered. You can find out who your customers may be by using surveys, doing interviews or using open-data. You will need to put some thinking in the questions you are asking. Stay tuned for  "How to validate a business idea" blog coming up

Get a Great Team

Focus on building a team of great people with different skills and you will be well on your way to creating a great business.  Remember that you're not just building a product, you're building a business and the product is just one part of your business. You will need marketing, technical and management skills. Those skills are developed in a range of subjects, English, Art, Media Studies, Languages, Maths etc. Look out for your friends with skills that can work well with yours but may be different.

Got you thinking?

Focus on your customers from the start will help you realize that the 'idea' is only one part of building a business. Getting everything in place will take time and it takes many attempts to get it done right. There's no right or wrong way to build a business. It takes practice and sometime several goes before getting it right. It is about getting a combination of tools, mentors, support and resources together from the beginning, all available at Mashup.

What next?

Mashup will show you the ropes to build a business from idea to solution over one weekend! At Mashup you can experience using those ropes in a safe and fun environment. And learn to build a business from an idea you have  which will solve problems for your customers. The term Mashup means to 'mash' together technology and business to ensure that the products being built are solving real problems. Find out more over at

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