Tuesday, 13 February 2018 15:50

How you can turn your passion for Japanese into a career at Mashup 2018!

Do you love learning Japanese but are unsure whether you’ll be able to use it in your future career? Have you only considered being a translator or teaching English at a Japanese school? If so, there is another option out there that may just better suit your interests!

And that’s Business!

From working in international companies such as Toshiba to opening up your own small business (see more here), you could have the opportunity to work in Japan, or frequently travel to it!

And Mashup 2018 offers you a good chance to start that journey now! Mashup is an action-packed 48-hour event that introduces and applies business and technical skills to solve problems in our community. And with a great team of expert mentors and judges to help you, you’ll learn what is needed to create and develop a product idea, create a business plan, and build a prototype.

Along with this, Venture Centre, who is organizing Mashup, is offering one student the opportunity to win a scholarship valued at $2500 to go to Japan through Let’s Homestay’s Cultural Japan Experience!   

Apply for the Scholarship here!

So if you wish to use your Japanese language skills in your future career by mashing it up with Business, start here and start now at Mashup 2018!

Apply for Mashup here!

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