Monday, 08 May 2017 16:40

Talented teens develop great business ideas in one weekend

Take 30+ students...

 let them organise themselves into teams...

tell them to bring an idea...

Help them to think BIG

Give them a venue, a time, a team of mentors and a supporting crew.

... and let ideas develop into innovative products!

Here are the fantastic products born of Mashup 2017

The Fold

Lily Straker, Jackson Boyd, Jonathan Tomlinson

Making cycling a lot easy, a folding helmet you can take with you and fits into a small purse or bag.

"We wanted to learn about the processes that go into creating an idea and finding an audience. Blending our ideas with other groups. Meeting new people."


Lemon: Brite

Gabriella Eaton, CJ Hobbs, Maddy Sikes, Ashley Cundy

Brite helps dyslexics read and write with ease.

"We are creating a reading and writing light that gets rid of the need for coloured glasses or plastic transparencies"


- Pro-Cell Organics

Sean Mullaly, Leith Franks, Matthew lowe, Max Vanderzalm, Callum Aubrey

A high de-oxidante, high protein to help people with muscle pain and recovery.

"We are here because we want to help people live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy what they do.  We want to win prizes and come away with some money to put in our start up. If we don’t win tonight, we’ll make money some other way. It’s all about taking risks you’ve just gotta do it."


- Independence Enterprises

Natarsha Hill, Jesse King, Michael Newton-Lal

'How to adult' book publication: help teenagers leaving home settle into the real world. Give teenagers easy access to information we’re hoping to give them a guide to life 101 ways to surviving the real world. A manual for life for teenagers, aimed at parents.

"For all of us, we enjoy business and keeping your drive going, the preparation of making a business is so much fun, the pressure we’re under we thrive for that, love the pressure and competition."

- Bus-y

Sam Cowan, Charles Prosser, William Vincent [Baxter Blair not on picture]

People using buses and public transport more, making sure that every student uses buses and public transport. Making sure people use buses rather than driving to school, cutting down on emissions. Glorifying bus use!

"We want to gain knowledge of what it’s like to start up a business, things you need to consider, not just costs, but learning about your target groups – of all the people in the world finding your perfect customers."



Caleb Woodbine, Linus Hauck, Simon Conning

Job Beacon:  This helps people finding their first jobs, people our ages who haven’t gotten a job before. For future generations we hope to make finding your first job easier.

'We want to have some fun and get out, learn some marketing info. The experience is very important; it’s going well so far.'



- Just Fine

Adelle Bailey, Ella Gordon-Scapens, Isobel Marwick

Our website Rainbow Parade is targeted to the LGBT community, the other website is for adults and people asking questions about sexuality and gender because there are lots of different websites talking about it but they are confusing.


- SeaBreathe

Cesar Vargas-Tuerlings, Alex Annan, Isaac Miller [Oliver Annan not on picture]

"We make an alternative product to scuba tanks - the ocean is your tank! It splits the water into oxygen and hydrogen leaving the diver with the oxygen and letting the hydrogen to bubble to the surface. Preventing divers from running out of oxygen, saving lives"

"We want to be in to win some thing, take back some experience – we’re learning how to be entrepreneurs. We’d like to have a good time and get knowledge for when we’re older.  And make the world a better place!"

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