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Dear Parent, here are 15 reasons why you should get your teen to Mashup

Wish your son or daughter was inspired to do anything other than hang out at the shopping mall, stare at their computer game or Instagram account at weekends?

Then Mashup is made for you or rather, let’s be honest... for them!

Here are 15 reasons why you need to help your teen get involved:

1 - It is a FREE, weekend-long event. It starts Saturday 6th May 9am, and finishes Sunday 7th May 7pm – you know where they’ll be all weekend and they will get fed and watered well.

2 - It is a team event. Teams of x4 aged 14+ – they get to hang with their friends, and do something meaningful together.  

3 - They learn the basics of launching a business idea in 48 hours – yes really, this is knowledge you need your teenager to acquire. They are going to need it in the world of work they are walking in to. 

4 - It's about inspiring creativity – hooray! An event which has relevance to, and acknowledges fully the way they see the world and what they think should be done. 

5 - It’s a channel for their passion – whatever they are passionate about (from horses to world peace, world-of-warcraft to cricket, and everything in between) will be the core of a successful weekend project at Mashup.  

6- Explore their inner entrepreneur – they can bring any wild idea and take it through a discovery process, useful in itself to stop those “but why can’t I?” conversations! 

7- Discover useful online tools - find tech solutions and use their existing digital skills for a purpose. Apply them to a problem they want to solve. 

8 - Get to use real data to inform decisions – high time they put their opinions to the test and used data to work out whether their ideas might work. 

9 - Get a new network – dedicated, expert mentors who are giving their time and knowledge for free are at their beck and call all weekend. Why? Because they, like you, believe your child deserves an opportunity to work on what makes them happy, and make a difference in the world, and their ideas are worth nurturing. 

10 - Part of TechWeek 2017 – Techweek, the National Technology Festival focused on tech to solve global, social and environmental issues, starts on 6th May and Mashup is part of it! Mashers will have taken part in the local arm of a national event and will be able to share on their profiles that they did so. 

11 - They may feature in the national press – both The Spinoff and Stuff.nz are covering all TechWeek events and your teenager’s story could make it to a national audience, not a bad thing for when a future employer (or co-founder) is checking them out online.

12 - They could appear in Access Granted  – the famed tech podcast programme will be live at Mashup on Saturday afternoon – also useful CV fodder!

13 - It will feed their mind AND their body – morning tea, lunch and snacks are all included, and we assure you it ain't junk food!

14 - They will be inspired to learn in Tauranga's new, state of art learning environment – Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, is welcoming Mashers into its brand new, architecturally designed Te Ara o Mauao building on Windermere campus.

15 - It’s a real-life experience which will help them grow, gain confidence, and finally, be in to win cash prizes (Up to $1000.00 – which is probably more of interest to them, than you, but we thought we should mention it!) 

Do your thing Whanau, Mum, Dad or Carer – get them to Mashup and then witness your amazing teen present their project to Judges at the 5pm presentation on Sunday!


OK? So, here is where they sign up: SIGN UP


Want to read up on it some more? Head to mashup.nz 
Need to talk with someone about it? Contact the lead organiser directly at: info[at]venturecentre[dot]co[dot]nz


The Venture Centre team

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