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Need an idea? Choose a Mashup theme!

Are you short of ideas to bring to life at Mashup? So don't be shy, read on...

Maybe start by asking yourself: what do you care about?  What can you do better, faster, more inclusive, less destructive?

Then have a look at the themes that inspired previous Mashers here.

Now over to you to come up with new, better, faster ideas! Ok that's true, it can be a bit daunting at times to come up with an idea worth exploring. And there are so many things that could be done

First, here are four themes, and examples of topics,  to get you to think BIG:

+ Human rights  

  • Giving back
  • Kiwi spirit
  • Women empowerment
  • Vulnerable children
  • Elders
  • Immigration
  • Accessibility … 

+ Health

  • Mental health
  • Sport and Wellbeing
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition for people with dietary needs … 

+ Animal care 

  • Animal rights
  • Animal nutrition
  • Pet caring   
  • Farming
  • Animal conservation... 

+ Environment 

  • Smart Cities
  • Land sustainability
  • Fertilizer use
  • Sustainable agriculture  
  • Effective use of water 
  • Effective use of energy…     

Those themes might look very BIG right now! That's fine, take a moment for it to sink in, talk with your team mates, select a couple, write them on a board, and start asking yourself questions starting with 'How might we..." (eg: How might we make elders lives easier? How might we help with bird conservation? etc) See what feels right, then dig in to find a shared passion for a problem you want to address

If those remain way out of reach or too big, how about the following ones if you are interested to tackle something closer to home: 

+ Your community 

  • Public transport 
  • Public spaces 
  • Public digital access 
  • Town guides and information … 

+ Your School 

  • Time management
  • Online safety
  • Alternative education opportunities
  • Create new educational experiences with the use of technology
  • Create new ways of networking
  • Enrich or make possible educational experiences for those with disabilities …  

+ Your Family

  • Safe online surfing
  • Budgeting
  • Financial skills 
  • Domestic violence
  • Family logistics  

By now you sure are thinking! Apply the same technique to the 'close to home themes' as you have done for the BIG ones to come closer to a great idea to develop at Mashup

Pro tip #1
Whatever your idea, you will probably need some sort of technology to put it in place, support its development and/or comercialisation.
Heard of Open Data, heard of the internet of things? Does your solution include an app or a website or an ecommerce site?  To find out how to get started with this, head to Mashup Toolbox 

Pro tip #2
Once you have an idea, a couple of tech tools you can experiment with, all is left is to apply a good process to take from idea to concept to prototype in the space of 48 hours.
What is the process you wonder? Discover how you will launch a great business idea powered by tech at Mashup using the ICED Canvas. It's called ICED, the cool way to start a business. It's so cheesy and so bad, we thought we'd make a meme ...

Pro tip #3
Now to develop a real clever solution for the world you want to live in that will impress the judges and earn you $$ in prize money.

Go on, sign your team up for Mashup here now!

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