Wednesday, 05 April 2017 21:36

Why Team Pro-Cell will be at Mashup

To the question "why do you want to be at mashup" there are a lot of awnsers...

Here is what Sean Mullaly, Founder-Director at Pro-Cell Organics, has to say"

"To learn a lot. To meet different people. But for my team, Pro-Cell Organics, we wish to not only expand our business knowledge but to work and collaborate with the mentors at mashup and build upon our idea, making it truly extraordinary and successful. Therefore we are going into mashup with an open mindset and looking to become not only better business men but better people working towards our shared goal and making some new connections.
We believe that through this opportunity we will trully find greatness and hopefully win some cahs awards along the way!"

Be in to be the best you can be!
Be at Mashup!



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