Tuesday, 05 April 2016 15:02

13 new business ideas developed in one weekend

Take 55+ students, let them organise themselves into teams...


Tell them to bring an idea. Help them think big.

Give them a venue, a time, a team of mentors and a supporting crew.

... and let ideas develop into innovative products!

Here are the 13 products born of Mashup 2016

- Expresso Yourself

A natural coffee-based exfoliant that reduces cellulite

Courtney Tamblin, Lizzy Lowe Aquinas College 

- RED (Road Education Device)

An app that uses GPS that tracks your driving location and provides tips and advice 

Gabriella Eaton, CJ Hobbs, Maddy Sikes (Tauranga Girls College) and Connor Little (Tauranga Boys College)   

- Online Scholars 

An Online Tutoring service that helps students link up with professional tutors.  Courtney Bigness, Paige Taylor, Kayla Dawson, Natarsha Hill Otumoetai College   

- Purpose

A platform that allows people to barter their skills and items for other skills and items  Georgia Banyward (Tauranga Girls College), Jackson Sale and Robert Calvert (Mount Maunganui College)  

- Tutoria 

A peer to peer tutoring for NCEA students Sean Weenink, Josh Dempsey, Finn Shaw, James Green  Tauranga Boys College 


- StudyView

A website that allows you to compare universities and courses and view students reviews and ratings. 

Tyler Willemsen, Zac Gies, Sam Hayden, Ella Trafford Papamoa College 

- Build a Pillow 

A way to customize your pillow to suit your needs  Sam Cowan, Luke Tucker,Taylor Oysterman, Max Hill Aquinas College  

- TimeSaver

A Productivity App that allows you to control access time wasting applications Hanna Temara, Anna Luke-Stewart, Caitlyn Donaghy, Nicole Bell Otumoetai College 

- BusMate

An app that tracks buses in real-time as well as providing virtual tickets and on-the-go top-ups.  Sam Murray, Aimee Tomlinson, Georgia Cox, Hannah Park Tauranga Girls College   

- EasyCanteen

A website to make ordering food at tertiary and secondary school canteens more efficient and easier Katia Lynch, Aroha Armstrong, Paris Gray, Jarrod Thomson  Whakatane High School  


- DevCloud

An online collabarative code-editing tool.  Jaspreet Dhami, Aleisha Sabin, Lauren James (Tauranga Girls College) and Jonathan Dallas (Tauranga Boys College) 

- Opus Experience

A website that gives our customers temp. volunt. jobs that gives them the references and skills to help them get their desired job  Ethan Shadbolt, Carlahna Eagleton, Luke Franzoi, Daniel Holding Homeschoolers Katikati 

- POPapp

An app which organises, collates and analyzes your receipts.  Jardine Chapman, Jessica Lennon, Caitlin Herring and Emma Kay Mount Maunganui College

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