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Mini-Mashup proves a winner as Mashup Prequel

Take 20+ high school students, a handful of business and tech mentors, a couple of activities to introduce some lean canvas basics...

Mix for a day-long workshop and watch the business-savvy side emerge!

That’s the Mini-Mashup sauce, a workshop put together within the context of the Beyond Broadband Expo as a prequel to oversubscribed Mashup, coming up on 2 & 3 April 2015.

What happened?

Keen students stepped through the initial steps of idea generation and evolution, customer validation and basic design and development of an early stage prototype.
With participants from business, design, digitech and science classes, there was also a strong focus on team work.

The end goal for the teams was to be able to state:

[who] ______ need [a solution to what] ________ [because] _________.
Our solution delivers _______ so that ______.

What did the teens get up to and what did they come up with?

• Teams were formed - this was randomised
• Ideas developed - the moment the teams got they needed to work on something they felt strongly about and had a passion for, the ideas started to really take shape
• Questionnaires were designed
• Customers were surveyed - the teams got out of the building and surveyed all exhibitors and visitors at Beyond Broadband expo to get customers insights into their ideas

After a move to Basestation co-working space for lunch, the teams settled into design and development after having been all over their survey finding,  which they shared as a quick update to present how their idea was evolving post validation.

• Basic websites and apps were prototyped, as well as a 3-slide presentation of the Project to support the final Pitch.

- Team SuppahSittah [commanded / team spirit]
A website/app to help parents find babysitters quickly and or at short notice

- Team BayBus Finder [highly commanded / biggest pivot]
An app which allows users to track where buses are and view their location in real time

 - Team PetPal
[commanded / cute factor website]
A pet safety service that allows you to monitor your pets location via an app on your smartphone using a specifically designed collar
- Team Perch [winners on the day! each walking away with a 2x pass for Rialto Cinema Tauranga, cheers Clayton :-)]
A parking assistance app which receives information from street-side carpark sensors to the user where spaces are available.

All teams walked away pretty chuffed [and rightly so!] of their products and are committed to come and battle it out with a fresh idea at Mashup come April 2 and 3. They now have more clarity of what to expect and more confidence they can bring a new idea to life in a business context equipped with tools, mentors support, and the open data made available for the Competition. 

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