Thursday, 10 March 2016 11:52

Why start now, and not later in my life?

Aspiring entrepreneur, Startup Weekend Alumni and secondary student Katherine Speidell tells us why.

"Why is Mashup 2016 an unmissable event for gaining real world knowledge?

Mashup is an opportunity for all senior college students to experience the teamwork aspects of designing, pitching, and conducting market research for a product, all in the comfort of a calm environment, with mentors to help with any problems, and the willpower to continue. (All in only two days!)

Your Mashup experience will help you understand how designers, digital technicians, and business people interact in the real world, how different sets of skills can work towards one goal- building a new, profitable business.

Mashup walks you through some of the most difficult aspects of starting up, researching, and marketing a new product, which is something that many designers must do in the real world; as well as proving that business students- with skills ranging from accounting, to marketing, to networking, and back to leading teams, as well as programmers, graphic designers, website technicians, and Photoshop or poster wizards- all have an invaluable take, and useful skills in turning an idea into the next Apple, antidote, or round wheel.

Why not learn these skills later on?
What harm could come from delaying your learning of these skills?

Mashup is designed to give you a brief glimpse of what your real world job and expectations at work might be- information that might prove invaluable when you are deciding your future career, and what place you would want to work in a company, what purpose you best serve in a team- all of which help you understand what path you wish to take in future.

The skills that Mashup teaches are geared towards early product development, pitching to investors, market research, and team work. Learning these skills hands on means that you immediately know if they are part of the career path you want to have post-college, or which university courses might be better suited to your skill sets and interests. "


  Thanks Katherine for your insight into Mashup! 

Meet Kat, alongside inspiring Mashup mentors, at Mashup. Sign your team up here.


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