Tuesday, 23 February 2016 08:47

Get a Mashup heads-up at Beyond Broadband Expo

Mini-Mashup at Beyond Broadband Expo gives teenagers an introduction to the technology and business skills necessary to become a classroom entrepreneur!


Open to curious and connected senior secondary school students, Mini-Mashup is a workshop to empower senior school students to take action and make life better for everyone.
It upskills students to move ideas into projects through the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.

Mini-Mashup will also introduce participants to a range of technologies to help them develop their idea into a meaningful project.

It will also give entered participants a head-start on the real big Mashup Competition where winning teams will take home cash come April 2 and 3!

Mini-Mashup is open to all senior school students who want to experience brainstorming tools and techniques and develop critical thinking skills.

Participants can choose to do one or all the workshops:

1 session - Get a feel - Ideation +Tech Tools Introduction

2 sessions - Get doing - Ideation +Tech Tools Use + Practice

all - Get selling - Ideation + Tech Tools Practice + Pitch Technique

Mini-Mashup is facilitated by the Learn-by-doing team and mashup.nz organiser Venture Centre

You can secure your spot for a day of discovery and innovation here.


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