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How to create a customer survey?

Customer feedback is the foundation of your business.

That's why you need to learn to ask the right questions to get good information about what your customers need and want.

A survey or questionnaire is a very useful way to discover quickly this important information about your potential customers. You can discover who they are, what they want and what they need. You want to do this before you start building anything: you are not building a product for yourself based on what you think is a great solution. If you do so and do not survey your customers, you run the risk of spending a lot of time (and money) doing something no-one wants!

So getting this information early on is vital as everything you build will be built with that particular customer group in mind.
For example, if you want to build an app to help students manage their homework schedule, you need to survey students to discover if they have that problem, if they will use a solution and how much their willing to pay to overcome the problem. Read on to see what makes a great survey and what questions to think about asking. 

What makes a great customer survey:

  • Ask questions that give you a profile of the respondant (age group, type of activity etc)
  • Keep questions open-ended - you want to understand why your customer feels a certain way, you don't want to force them into a solution.
  • Keep to one question at a time.
  • Make any rating questions consistent, eg: if your using between 1-5, keep it to between 1-5 for every rating question.
  • Keep it short and simple. Proof-read it, time it and test it before sending.

What kind of questions to ask in a customer survey? 

  • Yes/No questions are useful yet be sure you include an option for the respondant to qualify their choice (eg: Why yes? Why no?)
  • Ask "what are the problems you have with (eg; homework)" rather than "Is time management a problem with your homework?"
  • Ask them what type of solution they would like rather than if they would use the solution you have in mind to build
  • Ask how much they would pay to be relieved of the problem?

Got you thinking?

Keep questions open ended to encourage respondents to express how they feel. This will give you insights into the customer as a person and help you spot something you might not have expected or you did not know/think about Remember, keep it simple for a first round and be sure to use all your social networks to get both quick and plentiful feedback. 

What next? 

Really pay attention to the replies your survey generates and spend time analysing what your respondants are telling you. For example, if they tell you they have a solution to organise their homework time, either rethink if you need to build a tool or do a better one than an already existing one or change your idea all together.

Have a look at the video below to build a survey using google forms.

Thanks for reading!
Any questions? Get in touch.

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